Young Religious Unitarian Universalists

Saturday, June 20 to Saturday, June 27

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YRUU on Star Island is a weeklong conference for ages 15 to 22. We welcome back old friends and invite new ones to be a part of a diverse and open community and provide a safe atmosphere for spiritual growth and renewal, both individually and as a community.

Theme: Salute Your Soul!

Recognizing the toll that everyday life can have on your physical and spiritual self is important. Take the time to relax, have a discussion about faith, affirm old friendships and create new ones, & remember to take care of yourself. Celebrate and rejuvenate your soul this week with shoalers old and new.

Minister: Reverend Dave Scheuneman

Co-Chairs: Laurel Ady, (240) 818- 1484, & Matt Gibb, (860) 689-3724,

Registration: A room & board deposit of $100/person and registration fee of $85/person are due with registration. The registration fee includes an optional $10 donation to the scholarship fund, so the conference may be available to everyone. Please mail ONE CHECK, payable to "Jenna Williams YRUU Registrar," the YRUU registration form (obtained through registrar and available for download), and SASE to: Jenna Williams, 349 North Ave, Apt 1, Rockland, MA 02370, (781) 985-8761, Registration begins March 5, with a deadline of April 28. Contact the registrar after April 28 to see if registrations are still being accepted. Registrations postmarked before March 5 will be treated as if postmarked on March 5. Registrations postmarked after then will be accepted, space available, according to postmark date. The room & board deposit and registration fee are refundable until May 15.

Scholarships: Please contact Jenna Williams for information

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Questions about rates? Contact the conference registrar.