Natural History Conference

Saturday, June 20 to Saturday, June 27

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In an idyllic setting of early summer, open water and island life, the Natural History Conference (NHC) focuses on learning more about our world, its struggles and successes. Days and evenings are mixed with lectures, nature walks, art, writing workshops talent shows, candlelit chapel. Where else could learning be so restful?

Theme: Atlantic Cod (gadus morhua)

For hundreds of years, cod fish production in the Northwest Atlantic knew no bounds, yet today we are hard put to find this fish in our supermarkets. Has exploitation of the fishing of cod fundamentally altered the structure of the ecosystem and have primary ecosystem goods and services been lost because of these changes? How has the productivity of our seas been altered over time?

Bailey Pryor, producer of American Fisheries—A Cautionary Tale will bring his documentary to Star Island. This film draws on the sometimes contradictory perspectives of fishermen, ecologists, fisheries managers, and historians and reveals an epic story stretching from the age of sail to what may become an age of sustainability. Dr. Karen Alexander, Project Coordinator for the Gulf of Maine Cod Project, and Dr. William Leavenworth, Project Environmental Historian, are passionate about the state of our oceans' ecosystems and will provide us with a historical perspective of fisheries in the Gulf of Maine & how this information may help to restore our seas to a more balanced and healthy existence.

Minister: Rev. Dr. Paul Hull, First United Church of Christ, Unitarian in Lancaster, MA

Chair: Lynne Haggerty, (215)493-2219;

Registration Information: A room & board deposit of $150/person and conference registration fee of $100/person are due with registration. Please mail ONE CHECK, payable to "Natural History Conference," completed registration form, and business-sized SASE ($.78) to Ellen Campbell, 280 Lower Dedham Road, Holden, ME 04429, (207) 843-5858, Registration begins March 10. Registrations postmarked before then will be treated as if postmarked on March 10. Registrations postmarked after March 10 will be accepted, space available, according to postmark date. The room & board deposit and registration fee are refundable until May 8.

Scholarships: A scholarship fund offers partial grants to those who otherwise could not attend. Request an application from the registrar. The form must be returned by March 10.

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Boat Schedule: Depart Rye Saturday, June 21, 2 p.m. Depart Star Saturday, June 28, 8:15 a.m.