Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association (ISHRA) June Conference

Saturday, June 20 to Wednesday, June 24

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ISHRA's June conference brings together people who delight in exploring the history, lore and legends of the Isles of Shoals. Both new and old Shoalers will enjoy four days of casually organized activities with plenty of free time for exploring Star Island.

Theme: Murder on Smuttynose Island, 1873

Calling all detectives! Put on your sleuthing cap and try to solve the 1873 Smuttynose murders of Anethe and Karen Christensen, committed just across Gosport Harbor from Star. Row to the scene of the crime, join in a reenactment of the trial, and weigh the evidence in a round-table discussion with modern-day students of criminal justice. Fisherman Louis Wagner was arrested, tried on circumstantial evidence and hanged—but was he the murderer? Investigate the other suspects, including one fingered in "The Weight of Water." Experience the community life of the era, a candlelight Chapel service and lounging in a rocking chair on the porch while imagining you were a guest during the Oceanic Hotel's first year.

Chair: Joel Plagenz, (603) 431-2345,

Registration: A room & board deposit of $75/person and a registration fee of $85/person (ISHRA members) or $95/person (non-members; the additional $10 for non-members equals a one-year membership in ISHRA) are due with registration. Please mail ONE CHECK, payable to "ISHRA Conference," for a total of $160 (members) or $170 (non-members) along with your completed registration form, and a business-sized SASE ($.76) to Amy Cook, ISHRA Conference Registrar, 78 Bedford St. Apt 5, Manchester, NH 03101, (603) 440-8010. Registration begins March 10. Registrations postmarked before then will be treated as if postmarked March 10. Registrations postmarked after March 10 will be accepted, space available, according to postmark date. The room & board deposit and registration fee are refundable until May.

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