International Affairs Conference

Saturday, July 18 to Saturday, July 25

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International Affairs Week is a conference that offers vitality and tradition. Year after year new participants join old Shoalers as they return to their "spirit's home" for friendship, an exchange of ideas, and an appreciation of natural beauty of the island. And always international political themes educate and inspire attendees to better find their way in the ever-changing patterns of this world.

Theme: Global Justice

It's time to rethink the role of the nation-state in promoting justice. We can fight oppression and poverty in other countries, and our individual choices collectively have global consequences. What is a suitable vision of justice for our interdependent world? Our distinguished speakers will explore the possibility of a more cosmopolitan and global conception of citizenship, and the limits of the sovereignty of the state over its citizens and its increased responsibility to protect human rights. Other topics may include the authority of international law, the International Criminal Court, environmental justice, and the importance of peacekeeping missions and humanitarian interventions.

The week also presents us with nourishment for the spirit, with morning and evening worship services, engaging hands-on workshops in art, music or writing, and a lively social hour each day. There will be time for sports and games, time to talk about the world and ourselves, time to roam the island alone, together or in guided tours by Island staff people even time to sit and ponder the sky, the sea and the stars. IA Week is well known as a conference for families with its thriving youth program. See our website for program and speaker updates.

Young People's Program: This enriching program engages young people from 3 to 2009 high school graduates. There is also morning supervised care for children starting at 18 months.

Minister: Rev. Parisa Parsa.

Chair: David Cummiskey, 207 774-7592;

Registration: A room & board deposit of $150/person and registration fee of $160/adult (18+), $110/youth are due with registration. Please consider making a donation of $35, or more if you are able, to enhance the IA Fund for scholarships and programs. Mail ONE CHECK, payable to "International Affairs Conference," completed registration form, and business-sized SASE ($0.63) to Miriam Coe, IA Registrar, 48 Tower Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, (617) 524-2985, Registration begins March 10. Registrations postmarked before then will be treated as if postmarked on March 10. Registrations postmarked after March 10 will be accepted, space available, according to postmark date. The registration fee, less $20, and room & board deposit are refundable until June 5.

Scholarships: Availability is limited, but please do not let financial concerns impact your decision to apply. Applications are sent with conference acceptance.

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Questions about rates? Contact the conference registrar.

Boat Schedule: Depart Rye Saturday, July 18, 2:00 and 3:45 pm. Depart Star Saturday, July 25 8:15 and 10:15 am.